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A Little About Me

My name is Zara, and welcome to my site! This is my personal space on the web to share my love of all things tarot, astrology and other metaphysical things. I have been a professional tarot card reader & energy healer for over 18 years, and I have helped and read for many clients from across the world.

My sun, moon & rising sign is all ♉️Taurus, so I'm extra earthy and stubborn (in a good way😉). I have a high interest in astrology, but my main passion is reading tarot. I use elements of the zodiac & astrological symbols found in the cards to add an extra layer of depth and information to my readings. But do not be mistaken, I am NOT an astrologer. I would best classify myself as a tarot reader with a little bit of an astro flair.🌌

Love & Relationship Specialist

I specialize in providing tarot readings & spiritual guidance in all areas of love, marriage and romance. I will let you know if he/she is the right one. I can tell you what your partner is really thinking and feeling about you. My readings will give you accurate insights to any of your love questions or concerns. Don't remain in the dark with your relationship situation! I offer truthful answers served with a caring and sensible approach.

Spiritual Support

Full life tarot readings are also available that can look into other areas of inquiry such as: career path, dream interpretation, angel messages, spiritual & personal development, your life purpose and so much more. I also offer distance energy healing & manifestation coaching to help bring balance and harmony within clients' lives and relationships. Please view my services page for more information!
🔮To Book Your Reading: You may reach me by calling or texting my direct phone number: 972-514-7377 (Also Available on WhatsApp). Email: You can also go to my booking page to fill out a reading request form for an appointment.

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Disclaimer:  Must be 18 yrs. or older. A tarot/psychic reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation. A reading/spiritual guidance is not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling or help. Zodiac Love Tarot offers a high level of accuracy, but 100% accuracy/results is not guaranteed. Readings/services are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only. Zodiac Love Tarot accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on the reading/services offered. All sales are final, no refunds & no exchanges. Purchase at your own discretion.


  1. I found your website through youtube, and I just wanted to say your zodiac tarot readings on there really resonated with me. I would love to book a private reading with you soon. Keep up the great work, Zara!


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