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Hello, friends. My name is Zara Collins , and this is my personal space on the web to share my love of all things tarot, astrology & metaphysical . I have been a professional tarot card reader & energy healer for over 18 years, and I've helped and read for many clients from across the globe.  My sun, moon & rising sign is all Taurus   ♉️. So, I'm extra earthy and stubborn (in a good way😉). I have a high interest in astrology, but my main passion is reading tarot. I use elements of the zodiac & astrological symbols found in the cards to add an extra layer of depth and information to my readings. Love & Relationship Specialist I'm an intuitive love coach , and I will let you know if someone is the right one for you.  My readings will reveal what your partner is really thinking & feeling about your connection, and  what steps you can take to help improve it.  I will answer any of your questions with much honesty and care and help you to find  true lo

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